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Rocket Man is a political style Shmup game that is playing with the ideas of what will happen if we go to war with North Korea. You as the player take control of Trump and actually goes over to North Korea and bombs it. What will be the aftermath of this decision? Freedom & Liberty or Nuclear warfare?  Please leave a comment down below of what do you think could happen?

Quick thoughts about the subject or Maybe Not!

During the heavy drama with Trump and North Korea in the news lately, I took upon myself to created something that could cause a conversation about the topic at hand. I think the idea about going to War or having a possible Nuclear warfare in the up-coming future to be a scary thought. I couldn't imagine how Japan feel about this? Since they're the closest one who would be impacted by this the most. If a war broke loose due to either side pulling the trigger to soon will it be armageddon? anyways I know that I must be ranting or talking about some nonsense lol. But I hope everyone that has tried the game enjoys it.

Games Controls


  • Arrows - Movement
  • Space - Fire / Start Game
  • B Key - Bombs
  • V Key - Shield

PS4 Input

  • Left Joystick - Movement
  • X Button - Fire / Start Game
  • Square Button - Shield
  • Circle Button - Bombs

Best way to play the Game!

Using an PS4 Controller


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RocketMan_WindowBuild_Ver2.zip 75 MB

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Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoy the game.

Was a great and funny game. I liked how you added his Tweets into the game :-)

Thank you for playing it.