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Espacio is a game about a visit to Chinatown and Little Italy from my perspective in New York City.

Information about the prototype

This prototype is about an urban issues on lack of space, which is a problem for expanding and newly-developing cities alike. Population increase leads to an increased demand for reliable infrastructure, nowadays combined with a need for increased energy efficiency and a higher environmental awareness of the public. These are the kind of issues or question that I was trying to raise in the game development cycle, but couldn't go through with it due to time being a big key factor if I wanted to tackle this issue correctly. I chose instead to focus mainly on my experience during my Derive, where I found myself feeling fascinated on the two areas that I visited which where Chinatown and little Italy. The two areas are drastically different from each other and I thought this would be a good idea to showcase the differences in an abstract way within the project. The first part of the project I started by building a small little street block that has a bunch of little stores and street traffic which represents Canal Street in Chinatown and I began incorporating the mood or experience that I felt with the crowd during my time there. In the second part of project I created an artistic environment that is cover with art and luxurious mood that showcase how I saw little Italy during my visit. In both environment I focus on making the player feel the situation that I felt personality while also showing lack of space by using objects that grow from small to big or using object that represent the crowd that I follow to get a glimpse of the culture in the areas I visited.


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